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Dive deep into the culture of the United Kingdom and improve your language skills with personalized courses and cultural programs with Newcastle Language School!

Improve Your English With Our Unique Courses And Cultural programs

Are you looking for a way to improve your English skills and explore the culture of the UK? Our courses and programs are perfect for taking your English to the next level!

It's More Than Just Learning English

Explore the culture, expand your social circle and develop a greater understanding of the UK with our exclusive courses and programs! Our unique approach to learning emphasizes the importance of social interaction, cultural immersion and language acquisition.

Newcastle Language School is embarking on an incredible journey in collaboration with Northumbria University!

Our English classes in our Newcastle programs are now hosted in the prestigious Northumbria University campus, marking the beginning of a fantastic collaboration. Join us on this exciting journey of language and knowledge

Newcastle Language School

Explore the World of English With Our Unique Courses and Cultural programs!

Choosing your study path means understanding who you are and where you’re headed. Newcastle Language School offers students an opportunity to learn everyday English and immerse in different cultures all from the comfort of their home. Our curriculum  is tailored to your needs with webinars and one-to-one lessons, giving you the best possible learning experience. Not only you will learn the language but youy’ll also experience the culture and traditions. Get started today and take your English to the next level!

Why choose a course or a study holiday programs at Newcastle Language School?

Newcastle Language School was founded over 20 years ago and since then has been offering the highest quality educational programs to overseas students. Operating a quality program has led us to being one of the best in the UK on Study Holidays programs for all ages. We are known internationally for our innovative approach to teaching, our blended use of technology in the classroom, our focus on continuous professional development for our staff and teachers, as well as the great results achieved by our students. We love what we do at Newcastle Language School and we always try to place our students at the centre of all our efforts.


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A unique teaching technique

At Newcastle Language School, we use the NIS teaching method to equip our students with fluency in the language they’re learning. Our lessons are conducted entirely in the language, without written or translated components. We gradually build up their vocabulary – starting with simple sentences, then progressing to more complex ones. It’s an effective, efficient and fun way to achieve fluency! So that our students can get the most out of their classes.

This structured and visual method allows the teacher, from the start of the course:

The Newcastle Language School method guarantees constant, regular and rapid progress. The method we use allows you to study anywhere with your computer, tablet or phone allowing you to practice your learning and improve your English conversation.


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