Terms and Conditions for host families

Terms and Conditions for host families

Newcastle International School Ltd, henceforth referred to as the company in this document, lists the following guidelines to its Host Families to assist in an enjoyable and rewarding experience for both the visiting students and the host families during a study holiday programme.     

The company reminds Host Families that visiting students are children. It’s probably their first time away from home and they are nervous at the prospect of adapting to a foreign culture. We ask that you please welcome in your home and treat them as you would want your own child treated if the roles were reversed. There is often a reluctance to communicate in the early days of their stay. This is usually because they are nervous about speaking English and should improve after a day or two.

Host Family Resposibilities:

  • Arrival/ Departure: You will be informed of Arrival & Departure times for the students. You are expected to collect them from the School at arrival time and drop them off at departure time – as shown on your programme. On their first full day, please accompany them to and from school by bus and assist them in buying a mega-rider for the week, for which they will pay.  Please ensure you take their phone numbers and give them yours, just in case there’s a need to make contact.


  • Communication:  Please encourage them to speak English. (Eating with them at evening meal times is a perfect opportunity for this) Also note that students are not allowed out in the evenings unless accompanied by a member of your family. Nor are they allowed to meet up with other students during the evenings/weekends unless authorised by this school.


  • Host Family Days (usually Sundays) are for the student(s) to spend time with you and not left to their own devices. We ask that you please enjoy an activity with them, such as a visit to Ferry Meadows, ten-pin bowling, a car trip, etc, etc. Any activity you undertake must be free of charge to the student. Any entertainment available to them, such as games and DVD’s, must be age appropriate.


  • Meals: Our food and meal-times are often different than in the student’s country. Please appreciate that, like most teenagers, their appetites are quite vigorous, so here are some guidelines for meals.:
    • Breakfast should be a variety of cereals, toast, fruit juice, milk etc.
    • Packed Lunch should include sandwiches or rolls with a substantial filling, such as ham, cheese, salami. (Ham and cheese is a popular filling) plus some crisps, yogurt, fruit and a drink.
    • Evening Meal can be, Pizza & Chips, Burgers, salads, pasta dishes, fish & chips and at least one roast for that British experience.
    • As Europeans eat later than us, they are often hungry before bedtime, so if you could make something available to them, glass of milk, biscuits, sandwich or suchlike; it is very much appreciated by them.


  • Accommodation: Students are paying guests in your home so it is vital that their living conditions are hygienic and tidy, together with clean towels and bedding Each one must have his/her own bed (Camp beds and inflatable’s are unacceptable), a wardrobe, and drawers for clothing. It is never acceptable to use unwashed bedding from previous student(s) for new arrivals.


  • Laundry: Students may need some washing doing, so please let them know that you could do it for them if required.


  • Sickness: If a student is taken ill, please notify us without delay. We would prefer that a family member stays at home with them if they are too sick to attend school. If not, at least allow them to stay at home until we can take the appropriate action.


  • Other Information:
  • Global language school is not liable for any damages caused by students. (You are responsible for ensuring that you have adequate insurance cover)                                    
  • Should it be necessary to move students from your home, you will only be paid for the days they have spent with you.


  • Please contact the Host Family Coordinator if there are any problems with keeping to the conditions of this agreement and if you change any details will be needed in writing.